April 28, 2019


Colours From Outer Space is a bilingual documentary film that tackles and explains the notions of race, racism and multiculturalism through the stories of Montreal’s citizens and its various cultural community leaders.

The film is unique with its candid direction and narration (by a Syrian-Canadian filmmaker), its depiction of Canada’s vibrant diversity and its dance scenes and artistic performance pieces.

The film won the “Best Documentary” category 2019 by Canada’s Independent Film Festival. It’s subtitled in English, French, Spanish and Arabic.

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WRITTEN BY George Karkour
PRODUCED BY OK George! Studio


Director: George Karkour / First Assistant Director: Giuseppe Cristarella / Main Camera Operators: George Karkour, Giuseppe Cristarella, Sami Zenderoudi, Charbel Abdo and Adrian Vaktor Production Assistants: Kenny Leguier, Clara Haddad, Max Knoop, Maryam Salehi, Rami Megarbané, Marco Machado, Adrian Vaktor and Eric Chiasson Make-Up Artist, Hairstylist: Léanne Perron Auxiliary Photographers: Max Knoop, Clara Haddad, Kenny Leguier and Sara Anjanie Post-Production Manager: George Karkour Photo Editor: Max Knoop Subtitles (French, English): Didier Klein, George Karkour / VFX Artist: Pratik Pradeep Singh.