July 16, 2016


The crew that produced Colours From Outer Space is made up of a network of independent freelancers operating under the umbrella of a production agency based in Montreal called OK George! Studio. The professionals who filmed this documentary primarily are: George Karkour, Giuseppe Cristarella (pictured above), Kenny Leguier, Clara Haddad and Sami Zenderoudi.


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WRITTEN BY George Karkour
PRODUCED BY OK George! Studio


Director: George Karkour / First Assistant Director: Giuseppe Cristarella / Main Camera Operators: George Karkour, Giuseppe Cristarella, Sami Zenderoudi, Charbel Abdo and Adrian Vaktor Production Assistants: Kenny Leguier, Clara Haddad, Max Knoop, Maryam Salehi, Rami Megarbané, Marco Machado, Adrian Vaktor and Eric Chiasson Make-Up Artist, Hairstylist: Léanne Perron Auxiliary Photographers: Max Knoop, Clara Haddad, Kenny Leguier and Sara Anjanie Post-Production Manager: George Karkour Photo Editor: Max Knoop Subtitles (French, English): Didier Klein, George Karkour / VFX Artist: Pratik Pradeep Singh.